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iSlate, iPad or iTablet would be based on iPhone OS

McGraw-Hill’s CEO confirmed that the new Tablet device from Apple would be based on iPhone OS. That’s a big relief for all developers on iPhone and iPod Touch who would be able to continue work on the SDK and release on both platforms. Apparently, the iTablet will have the iPhone OS 3.2 as a start, […]

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The Google Phone (Nexus One) is a f*ck you iPhone???

Nice parody for the iPhone and the Nexus One: You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Tags:google iphone nexus nexus one phonegoogle, iphone, nexus, nexus one, phone Copyright © 2007Dieser Feed ist nur für den persönlichen, nicht gewerblichen Gebrauch bestimmt.Eine Verwendung dieses Feeds auf anderen Webseiten verstößt gegen das Urheberrecht. […]

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